Every material, color, glaze and techniques are carefully developed to underline eachother.  
All processes are done by hand, which gives small variations to each piece. All pieces are made in stoneware, some thrown on the potterswheel, some cast in moulds and all are glazed by hand in glazes developed by me.


The workshop in Copenhagen, is where everything is developed. As the demand for my ceramic pieces has grown, one set of hands is not always enough. But rather than sending the production off to far away countries, as many do, I decided to keep everything local.
This means that the metalhandles for the teapots are handmade just outside Copenhagen,
help for throwing some of my pieces are done by a local potter and so forth.

As no facilities for ceramic production excisted in Denmark, I joined forces with 20 like-minded colleagues and started Den Danske Keramikfabrik on the small danish island, Bornholm, in 2015. Here we can have small scale production of what ever we need; prototypes, semi-manufactured or completely finished pieces. My cast pieces for the TONE serie is made here and fired for the first time. After I recieve them at the studio, I glaze them myself and fire them for the second time.

Having the factory on Bornholm gives us a sustainable production, a close relationship to our helping hands, which we share amongst us
and as a very important point, this maintains old craftsmanship and knowhow in Denmark, so that the fine ceramic tradition may continue
and grow. I take great pride in this project!


In the creation of ceramic pieces, my aim is to develop a mix of materals and surfaces that gives the most sencuous experience.Subtle silhouettes with unpretentious details, caused by the ceramic processes and materials. Shaded color combinations and vivid surfaces plays the most important role. You will find slight imperfections and marks, which tells about the process of creation, contributing to the uniqueness and beauty of the forms and which are part of the character of the individual handmade piece.